KJ's Link To An Infamous Murder Case

Recently on The Morning Wake Up, Kesha and I were discussing a simple game we were playing at dinner regarding what our spouse would do to us if certain things happened.

When I got off the air that morning, I thought about a girl I went to school with from 7th through 12th grade. Melanie Slate. She later became Melanie McGuire.

The world came to know her as the "Suitcase Murderer". Her story was featured prominently on multiple network shows and was an epsiode of the well known "Snapped" series on cable television.

While I have some thoughts about what actually happened with Melaine and her deceased husband (I didn't know him), below is a video expose on her life and how she came to be known as one of the most infamous spousal killers in America.

Yep, I girl I grew up with back in NJ!


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